1. Which type of service you provides and where?
The services we provide are as following;
1. You can buy a news motors and rikshaws here.
2. You can buy a used motors and rikshaws here.
3. You can exchange your motors and rikshaws in an attractive rates.
4. We repair motors and rikshaws here.
5. Spare parts of rikshaws and motors available here.
6. We are in Dhangadi,Kailali district but after your love and support we will be there in other district as well.
2. What are the terms and conditions of warranty you provide?

The warranty is for free repair or replacement against any manufacturing Defects or workmanship. Burning Condition not Acceptable. Warranty voids in case of Accident or ACT OF GOD and overload. For more please check our warranty card.

3. Can we use other type of battery like Lithium ion ?

In replacement market you can choose any battery any brand and capacity. Lithium ion is also available for these segment with cost almost 2.5 times and life 3 times and best advantage is quick charging time. It can be charged with higher amp charger say 25 amp so charging time reduced substantially.

4. Can we charge E-Rickshaw by Solar Panel ?
Current from solar panel can not fulfill the charging requirements of E-Rickshaw. Research and Development work is in progress, may be in near future we will provide Solar E-Rickshaw.
5. How do I get a replacement motor or gear motor for my product?
If you’ve popped the cover off your equipment and found our name on the motor’s sticker we recommend you contact the manufacturer of your equipment first. Chances are the company who built your equipment purchased a motor from us in a large volume quantity.
6. How much heat can a motor or gear motor handle?

Many variables play a role in heat tolerance in a motor: how much power is exerted for how long, if there is a fan built in to the product to cool, ambient temperature. Our motor and gear motor engineer is here to help answer that question when working on your motor application.